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"Totally MAD" Excerpt: Who Was Bill Gaines? Part One


Each week for the rest of the year, we'll be posting excerpts from the essays Frank Jacobs wrote for our 60th Anniversary book, Totally Mad: 60 Years of Humor, Satire, Stupidity and Stupidity. Leading off is a piece about the man who started it all, MAD founder William M. Gaines. Be sure to come back next week to read the (partial) answer to the question "Has MAD Ever Been Sued?"

TOTALLY MAD Tops the New York Times Hardcover Graphic Books Best Seller List!

To celebrate MAD MAGAZINE’s 60th anniversary, Time Home Entertainment Inc. foolishly teamed up with MAD MAGAZINE on TOTALLY MAD: 60 YEARS OF HUMOR, SATIRE, STUPIDITY AND STUPIDITY, a new collection of the legendary humor magazine’s high-quality idiocy.

This afternoon, THE NEW YORK TIMES posted their weekly Best Seller lists and for some unexplainable reason, TOTALLY MAD debuted at #1 on their Hardcover Graphic Book list.

"Totally MAD" Mania


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If you didn't spend this past weekend relentlessly scouring the internet for MAD coverage, good for you — it sounds like you got some fresh air and lived a healthy and productive life! But you also missed out on lots of great stories about MAD's 60th Anniversary and our brand new book, Totally MAD!

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