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Fact-Checking the Claims Republican and Democratic Conventions


Both the Republican and Democratic Conventions are now officially over. But there’s no time for tears — there’s fact checking to be done! During the last couple of weeks, a lot was said about a lot of things — and since it was politicians talking, not everything was entirely…accurate.  Paul Ryan and Bill Clinton both drew criticisms that they didn’t have all their facts straight — and we suspect that’s just the tip of the iceberg! So, being the civic-minded busybodies that we are, we’re proud to present:

Similarities and Differences Between the Democratic National Convention and the MTV Video Music Awards


Oh what a night! Not only is Barack Obama accepting the nomination at the Democratic Nation Convention, but the MTV Video Music Awards is also on! We don’t know which boring televised event to ignore first! But just because we’re not watching, that doesn’t mean we’re not paying attention — which is how we came to notice these…

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