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Fun Facts About Miley Cyrus’ New Haircut


Did you hear the big news?!? No, not about Paul Ryan. Or the Mars expedition. Syria? What’s that? We’re talking about the fact that Miley Cyrus got a haircut!!! You read right — her hair used to look one way…but now it looks different! We know that’s more than enough information to completely fry your brains — but we dug deeper to find out even MORE about this, the biggest news event of the year! So brace yourself for these…

Expenses for Miley Cyrus' Wedding Day


Recently, Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth made their engagement public — probably after Hemsworth decided he’d be a doofus if he didn’t get in on those sweet, sweet Disney dollars. Hemsworth bought a 3.5 karat diamond to replace that abstinence “purity ring” she conveniently stopped wearing. The couple has found that planning a wedding is difficult no matter how rich and famous you are (for now). Lucky for us, we’ve obtained a list of the expenses that even the Beverly Hillbillies would hoot and holler over. 

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