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Vladimir Putin’s Appalling New Movie


Russian President Vladimir Putin isn’t exactly known for being warm, compassionate and cuddly. Even so, it’s shockingly disappointing that Putin has initiated a slew of measures designed to punish anyone in Russia who is homosexual, or merely in favor of gay rights. We’re pretty sure that you can’t eradicate homosexuality just by banning so-called gay “propaganda.” But on the off-chance it works, maybe Putin can try passing some laws that would make it illegal to be a close-minded, ignorant hate-monger.

Pope Francis: A Scene We’re Likely to See

When asked by a reporter recently what he’d do if he found out a priest was gay, Pope Francisanswered, “Who am I to judge?”  The Pontiff’s refreshing non-condemning tone was welcomed by many and may have set the stage for the Holy Father to do further outreach to the gay community.


Google Autocompletes for "Is Google Down?"


This morning, portions of the southwest were unable to access Google and all its services (Gmail, Google Plus, YouTube, etc). And while it only lasted about an hour, that was plenty of time for people to overreact (and rush to be the first to Tweet about the difficulties of Googling “Why is Google down?” Hilarious!) Once the smoke cleared and things were back on track, we decide to take a look at the most common Google searches on the near-Armageddon.

MedicAlert Bracelets We'll See Now That Obesity Is A "Disease"


The American Medical Association is now classifying obesity as a disease. Which is great news — because that means we’ve no longer the fattest country in the world — just the sickest! (U-S-A! U-S-A!) Still, if obesity is now a disease, the “afflicted” will need a way to let emergency personnel know about their condition! Lucky, MAD took that food for thought and cooked up...


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