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Similarities Between Occupy Wall Street and Actual One-Year-Olds


A lot can happen in a year. Or, as we learned from Occupy Wall Street, nothing can happen at all. Today marks the one-year anniversary of OWS and...that’s about all it marks. For all the excitement, the promise of change and the energized followers, there have been no lasting, positive effects (something Obama supporters are all too familiar with). Still, anniversaries are a time for reflection, and it got us thinking about…

Occupy Wall Street's May Day Poster Revised


Occupy Wall Street organizers had a full slate of protests planned for today, but there was only one problem — the phrase “OWS organizers” is a bit of an oxymoron. And after a few months of protestors putting aside their white-hot rage (because the weather got a little nippy), their vague, scattered demands just resulted in today’s vague, scattered protests. Oh well — at least they got to make a pretty poster!

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