After peeing on Taliban corpses, accidentally burning the Koran and a tragic shooting spree by a deranged soldier, it’s not exactly shocking

Fans of heavy, outmoded reference books everywhere are in a state of mourning after

With over 100 million pageviews and counting, Kony 2012 — a half-hour long call for action against Ugandan war criminal Joseph Kony — has become the biggest thing to

This weekend Mitt Romney swept Guam’s GOP caucuses, picking up 18 delegates in the process. (Don’t laugh — it could be what ultimately puts him over the top!) How did the usually politically-challenged former governor do it?

Yesterday Apple unveiled “The New iPad” to the drooling media. But for all the press coverage, most reporters missed some of the most important new features of the wonder product. Not us.

When Justin Bieber turned 18 last week, he celebrated as any normal, fun-loving teenager would: by kic

Recently Rush Limbaugh bravely called a Georgetown law student testifying before Congress a “slu


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