It was recently announced that in the next James Bond movie, Skyfall, the legendary spy will not be drinking his trademark martinis — instead he’ll be

The New York Times today published an article about

Ever since DC Comics’ recent announcement that one of their characters would be

Contrary to what you might think, MAD staff members actually have lives outside of the office. And what wonderful lives they are!

Over the weekend Facebook founder (and our eventual dark overlord) Mark Zuckerberg got married to his college sweetheart. And that got us thinking about what happens after the wedding. You know...paying the caterers!

For months now, the Greek economy has been in freefall, bringing Europe and the rest of the world economy down with them.

Skechers is paying out a whopping $40 million to customers in a settlement over falsely advertising their

Building on Toni Morrison declaring that Bill Clinton was "The First Black President," Newsweek this week declared Barack Obama "The First Gay President"

Facebook is going public this week, which means you can now buy stock in the company! Well, YOU can’t — the stocks are extremely sought after and you have to be pretty well-connected to get your hands on them.


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