Today it was announced that recently-appointed North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has entered the bonds of holy matrimony.

Although the final decision won’t be made until 2013-2014, it’s looking like the NBA is going to start putting corporate log

George Zimmerman, the man accused of killing an unarmed Florida teenager, dropped plans for a second television interview on The View after ABC would not provide a month of “shelter and s

With Jeremy Lin now leaving the Big Apple for Houston, fans of the New York Knicks, who haven’t won an NBA title since the end of the Vietnam War, are filled with meLINncholy.

This past weekend was the San Diego Comic-Con. And while there was plenty to see — there was even more to hear. So prick up your pointy blue Na’vi ears and listen for these…

Recently, it was revealed that Amtrak is a billion dollars in debt. A Billion! With a "B"! Do you have any idea how many tickets they'll have to punch just to get out of that hole?

British chef Gordon Ramsay's show, Hell's Kitchen, somehow remains a ratings hit. Just who’s watching this repetitive, profanity-laced reality show? To find out, we called the A.C.

There are lots of things politicians try to hide when running for office: ideological flip- flopping, past drug use, a proclivity for Miley Cyrus tunes. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg!

Like all of Tom Cruise’s projects, the end of his marriage to Katie Holmes left many upset, unsatisfied, and confused over what the hell happened.


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