Turns out that what happens in Vegas doesn’t always stay in Vegas — as Prince Harry learned after pictures were leaked of him

When asked recently if victims of rape should be allowed to have an abortion, idiot Congressman Todd Akin (R-Missouri)

It was announced this week that The Tonight Show is making budget cuts — which means not only a pay cut for Jay Leno, but also the loss of 25 jobs on the show.

Yesterday was Julia Child’s 100th birthday — or would have been, had she not died in 2004.  But the indomitable French chef didn’t let a little thing like death keep her down — in fact, as you can see, she had a pretty busy

Did you hear the big news?!? No, not about Paul Ryan. Or the Mars expedition. Syria? What’s that?

Over the weekend Mitt Romney announced that his vice presidential running mate would be Paul Ryan, a U.S. Representative from Wisconsin’s 1st District.

The numbers are in, and — wait for it — July was the hottest month ever recorded in the United States!


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