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Kony 2012 "Culturemakers" Respond!


With over 100 million pageviews and counting, Kony 2012 — a half-hour long call for action against Ugandan war criminal Joseph Kony — has become the biggest thing to hit the Web since Rebecca Black reminded us that Saturday follows Friday. As part of its campaign, Invisible Children, the group behind the video, is pressuring 20 superstar “culturemakers” to speak out against Kony. Most of the 20 have stayed unusually silent on the red-hot issue — until now.

The MAD Strip Club — Father O' Flannity's Hot Tub Confessions: Lady Gaga

Father O' Flannity's hot tub: where all the big names go to find absolution for their most heinous sins. But can even our congenial man of the cloth keep Lady Gaga from plunging to new depths? Father O' is written and drawn by "Gentleman Cartoonist" Keith Knight. You'll see more confessions soon!


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