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Things You Could Have Done with $38 Instead of Buying a Share of Facebook Stock


As shares of Facebook stock continue to fall, many investors are now wringing their hands, ruing the day they paid a whopping $38 per share for Facebook’s Initial Public Offering. With billions lost and the stock now down over 20%, all that investors can do is weep uncontrollably and think about all the great things they could have spent that money on. 

A Sneak Peek at the Facebook Stock Certificate


Facebook is going public this week, which means you can now buy stock in the company! Well, YOU can’t — the stocks are extremely sought after and you have to be pretty well-connected to get your hands on them. And let’s face facts — if you’re reading the MAD website, you’re probably not well-connected. (Hell, you’re lucky just to be internet-connected). So since we’ll never see one in person, we’re giving a sneak peek of what the actual stock certificates will look like! 

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President Obama's Weekend Plans

Barack and Michelle Obama • Give weekly radio address calling for stronger regulations on Wall Street fat cats. • Count $2.5 million in campaign contribution donations raised in one day from Wall Street fat cats. • Bag up all of Bo’s droppings from the White House lawn, go over to Eric Cantor’s porch, set the bag on fire, ring the doorbell and run! • Catch up on TiVo-ed episodes of Glee. Continue to “evolve” on the gay marriage question.
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