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MAD Asks…Who Said It? Mitt Romney or Mr. Burns? VOLUME 2!


Back in March, we ran a post asking readers to decide which statements were made by Mitt Romney, and which were made by Mr. Burns. Turns out it was harder than you’d expect to differentiate between the quotes of an evil cartoon zillionaire and a Republican Presidential hopeful (and zillionaire). And even though Mitt wound up losing the election, fortunately, he’s still staying cartoonishly-stupid things.

Spy Vs. Spy Custom Toy Project: Bill Morrison

We’ve got good news and bad news. The good news is that it’s Friday — which means it’s time to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Spy vs. Spy with another custom Spy toy! The bad news is that this is the last one we have (at least for now)! But let’s not dwell on the bad news, ok? Instead, let’s bask in the awesomeness of this splatter-tastic creation from Bill Morrison of Bongo Comics! Ahhh...doesn’t that feel good? Nothing better than a good bask...

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