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Lindsay in Playboy!

Like most red-blooded America men, we rushed online when we heard that Lindsay’s Playboy photos had been leaked! But let’s just say that a part of us was more than a little disappointed when we learned that “Lindsay” was actually South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham. Ewww! Sad…Hef must really be losing it.

Why Hugh Hefner and Crystal Harris Called Off Their Wedding

Hefner on a Wedding Cake So, Playboy founder Hugh Hefner and his 25-year old fiancé Crystal Harris broke off their engagement, but not for the reason you might think. Hef was able to get down the aisle without a walker! Why did they not go through with the nuptials? We have some theories…
    • Hef’s intravenous Cialis drip just wasn't working anymore. • Crystal didn't want Hef's great-granddaughter to be one of the bridesmaids.
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