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Reasons Why Google Has Delayed Its Nexus Q Streaming Device


Google was pretty excited about their “answer” to Apple TV — the Nexus Q. So it was surprising when the cyber-behemoth announced that it was suspending the launch of the media streaming doodad…indefinitely. Reps said they wanted to take time out to make it “even better,” which shouldn’t be hard, given that the Nexus Q can only stream content from Google Music, Google Play, and (Google-owned) YouTube.

Porn-Loving Inmate's Netflix Queue

An inmate in a Michigan jail is suing the state because it won’t allow him to get porn. The 21-year old adult entertainment enthusiast says the porn ban effectively subjects him to cruel and unusual punishment (which ironically is a genre of porn itself). Legal experts believe that courts may rule in his favor if he limits his selections to prison-themed porn. Here’s our suggested Netflix cue for him.
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