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Schwarzenegger's Shameless Affair


Last week disgraced philandering ex-governor Arnold Schwarzenegger showed up on 60 Minutes, shameless shilling his book which rehashes his affair with his housekeeper and the illegitimate child it produced. Well, Arnold isn’t the only one who can shill. We gleefully present this 2011 MAD classic from our 20 Dumbest People, Events and Things issue.

Barry Bonds Safe at Home — Again

Steroid King Barry Bonds has added yet another milestone to the several Major League Baseball records he acquired from swelling his muscles through doping. (His head, we think, has always been that big.) This time, it’s escaping actual years in the slammer from his Obstruction of Justice conviction, and instead having to suffer through a full 30 DAYS of house arrest in his palatial estate in Beverly Hills.
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