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59% of Americans Think Marijuana Should Be Legalized…What’s the Other 41% Thinking?


According to a new poll released by The Huffington Post, 59% of Americans favor the legalization of marijuana — a percentage that reveals our country’s true red-eyed, Bugles-munching, Disco-Biscuitty soul. But why were the poll’s naysayers saying nay? Funny you should ask…

Miley Cyrus Outs Herself as a Pothead

Birthday milestones: seventeen is when you get to drive, eighteen is when you get to vote and, apparently, nineteen is when you get to announce to the whole world that you smoke “too much f—kin’ weed!” Now that she dropped this bombshell at her birthday party, will the former Hannah Montana star’s career go up in smoke? We don’t know, but if it does, we’re sure she'll inhale.
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