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Google Autocompletes for "Is Google Down?"


This morning, portions of the southwest were unable to access Google and all its services (Gmail, Google Plus, YouTube, etc). And while it only lasted about an hour, that was plenty of time for people to overreact (and rush to be the first to Tweet about the difficulties of Googling “Why is Google down?” Hilarious!) Once the smoke cleared and things were back on track, we decide to take a look at the most common Google searches on the near-Armageddon.

Reasons Why Google Has Delayed Its Nexus Q Streaming Device


Google was pretty excited about their “answer” to Apple TV — the Nexus Q. So it was surprising when the cyber-behemoth announced that it was suspending the launch of the media streaming doodad…indefinitely. Reps said they wanted to take time out to make it “even better,” which shouldn’t be hard, given that the Nexus Q can only stream content from Google Music, Google Play, and (Google-owned) YouTube.

Dr. Seuss for the Digital Age

2012 marks the 75th Anniversary of Dr. Seuss' first book, And to Think That I Saw It on Mulberry Street, which has led many to wonder what the Seuss library would look like if he wrote his books in the present day. Once again, MAD stands years ahead of the pack — in 2008, we updated some of Seuss' most popular titles to make them relevant to the message-board-trolling miscreants of the YouTube Generation.

FAQs About Google’s New Privacy Policy

Last week, Google announced new privacy settings for its websites, Gmail, and Android-based phones that it claims are designed to “make things simpler” for users. Privacy advocates, however, say that Google just wants to grab more of its users’ valuable personal info, à la Facebook — a perception not exactly refuted by Google’s latest page of FAQs about the changes.
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