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Al Roker’s Upsetting New Book


In a recent Dateline interview about his gastric bypass surgery, Al Roker admitted that in 2002, as he was getting used to the procedure’s aftereffects, he attempted to fart but wound up...let’s say...welcoming a brown front to the southern region. Then he threw his underwear in the garbage and went Al-Roker fresco.

Rick Perry’s Nationally-Televised Brain-Fart

During the last Republican presidential debate, Governor Perry experienced an awkward, impressively lengthy brain-freeze when he tried to name the three federal agencies he’d abolish if (and that’s an increasingly huge “if”) he became president. Don’t sweat it, Ricky — it happens to all of us, and no one is immune. On the other hand, if he can’t make it as President (and that’s an increasingly small “if”), he can always start writing children’s books.
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