We cannot stop celebrating the 50th Anniversary of Spy vs. Spy. We simply CANNOT! And — damnit! — when you have amazing custom toys like this, why would you want to?!?
As you know, we’ve been celebrating the 50th anniversary of Spy vs. Spy by showing off a huge collection of awesome custom Spy toys. How huge a collection, you ask?!?
Last week, we told you the Spy vs. Spy Custom Toy Exhibit was coming to the New York Comic Con — and that there would be some surprise additions to the show! Well, here’s one of them!
MAD’s own gap-toothed grinning idiot mascot Alfred E.
Yesterday’s repeal of the military’s “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy made it possible for openly gay people to serve in the military.
We know you've enjoyed seeing the custom Spy Vs. Spy toys over the last few weeks.
We’ve been celebrating the 50th anniversary of Spy vs. Spy pretty hard the last few weeks! In fact, some would even say we’ve been celebrating TOO hard.
We know what you’re thinking: “I’ll never make it through this boring, endless week!” Well that’s just crazy talk, friend! Why don’t you pep up and take a look at this amazing custom Spy design, celebrating the Spies’ 50th anniversary!


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