Today's Artist Spotlight is on Tom Bunk! Below is his illustration for "Tranformers 2012: The Rise of Mitt Romney" from our new issue, MAD #517. Click the art to make it bigger!

Recently, The Pope’s butler was arrested on charges that he’d stolen secret documents! This is huge news! The Pope has a freakin’ butler!

Recently, Clueless actress Alicia Silverstone posted a video of her feeding her 10-month-old son in a…unique way.

We hope you enjoy this big, juicy two-page spread by Tom Bunk!

Ford has announced a massive recall of the Ford Freestar, Mercury Monterey minivan and Escape SUV. Here are the reasons cited for the recall:
To celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Spy vs. Spy we’re spotlighting a different customized Spy figure every single weekday!


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