This morning, portions of the southwest were unable to access Google and all its services (Gmail, Google Plus, YouTube, etc). And while it only lasted about an hour, that was plenty of time for people to overreact (and rush to be the first to Tweet about the difficulties of Googling “Why is Google down?” Hilarious!) Once the smoke cleared and things were back on track, we decide to take a look at the most common Google searches on the near-Armageddon.

Yesterday, 1970s video game pioneer Atari filed for bankruptcy, stunning many in the business community who thought it went out of

Google was pretty excited about their “answer” to Apple TV — the Nexus Q.

Here's a taste of the art for MAD #514's "Product Acronyms You Never Knew Existed: Tech Edition" by the legendary

Yesterday Apple unveiled “The New iPad” to the drooling media. But for all the press coverage, most reporters missed some of the most important new features of the wonder product. Not us.


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