It’s the 50th anniversary of Spy vs. Spy! And that means each weekday we’re featuring a different, awesome custom Spy toy design!
Today’s amazing, mind-bending Spy is from Maze Master David Anson Russo!
A brand new day — the sun rises, the birds sing, and an exciting new custom Spy figure graces the web! Today, we celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Spy vs.
As part of our ongoing celebration for Spy vs. Spy’s 50th Anniversary, today we’re featuring this damaged (and damaging) Spy from the incredible Steve Kiwus!
Another day, another amazing custom Spy toy! Today, we’re celebrating Spy vs. Spy’s 50th anniversary with this fantastic “Superfly Spy” by Derf!
This year is the 50th Anniversary of Spy vs. Spy (time flies when you’re blowing people up!). To celebrate, we asked a bunch of tremendous artists to customize Spy action figures — and we’re showing a new one right here every day!
To celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Spy vs. Spy we’re spotlighting a different customized Spy figure every single weekday!
It’s a brand new day — and that means a brand new customized Spy toy!
This year is Spy vs. Spy’s 50th anniversary! To celebrate, we sent “blank” Spy action figures to an amazing group of artists to customize however they liked!


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