Happy Monday, you old so-and-so's! To celebrate not only the start of a new week, but also the 50th anniversary of Spy vs.
To celebrate Spy vs. Spy’s 50th anniversary, we’re showing off a new custom Spy figure every damn day! Well...every damn weekday. But today is a weekday, so you’re in luck!
It’s been fifty years of Spy Vs. Spy! That’s an incredible run! Do you have ANY idea how many black and white fedoras have been destroyed in that period of time?
What’s today? Wednesday, you say? Yes — but it’s more than that. So very much more. It’s also another day in our ongoing celebration of Spy vs. Spy’s 50th anniversary!
We know, we know — you’ve heard it all before. Yes, it’s the 50th anniversary of Spy vs. Spy...and yes, we’re celebrating by showing a different incredible custom Spy figure every weekday. You’ve got it all figured out, don’t you?
Ahhh — is there any better way to start off the week than with a new custom Spy figure, celebrating Spy vs. Spy’s 50th anniversary? No! No, there is not!
Well, another week of celebrating has come to an end — but spare your tears — today we’re showcasing Dave Croatto’s King of Pop-esque Spy!
Happy 50th Anniversary, Spy vs. Spy! For weeks now, we’ve been showing a different Spy every day, and we’ve barely made a dent in the lineup of amazing custom Spies!
Happy 50th anniversary, Spy vs. Spy — and happy Wednesday to the rest of ya! To help you get over the hump, here’s an amazing custom Spy from Abe Lincoln Jr.!
You know the drill — every weekday, we’re showing off an amazing customized Spy figure, in honor of Spy vs. Spy’s 50th anniversary!


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