On Wednesday, Charles Manson was denied parole for the 12th, and probably final, time.

Tonight, millions of Americans will gather around their TVs for the Mega Millions Jackpot lottery drawing. The first prize is more than a whopping half-billion dollars!!!

The good news is that acclaimed Kony 2012 director Jason Russell has followed up his smash online documentary with another video that’s already gone viral!

Fans of heavy, outmoded reference books everywhere are in a state of mourning after

With over 100 million pageviews and counting, Kony 2012 — a half-hour long call for action against Ugandan war criminal Joseph Kony — has become the biggest thing to

Recently Rush Limbaugh bravely called a Georgetown law student testifying before Congress a “slu

Recently, cartoonist Rich Burlew raised a mind-melting $1.2 million to produce a print version of The Order of the Stick

The sneaker-freak world is abuzz with news of this Friday’s release of Nike’s limited-edition Foamposite “Gal

The Oreo cookie turned 100 years old this week, though much to its shame it will always lag 21 years behind the Fig Newton.


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