Hey, kids, let’s do this by the numbers: 1) Sheldon Stephens, a 23-year-old man declares that when he was 16, he had sex with Kevin Clash, the voice and Muppeteer of Sesame Street's Elmo

In the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, many gas stations are still closed, and the ones that are open have huge lines, with cars backed up for hours just to get a few gallons of gas!

Hurricane Sandy is shaping up to be the biggest storm ever to hit the U.S. and people are bracing for the worst.

According to a new poll released by The Huffington Post, 59% of Americans favor the legalization of marijuana

From MAD #518, on sale everywhere tomorrow. Click the image for the answer!

Recently a sex tape surfaced of the Hulkster pinning a very enthusiastic female Hulkamaniac.


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