Satan rose to power after being cast out of Heaven. Rick Santorum has risen to power after being cast out of the Senate. But if you think the similarities stop there, think again, heathen!

The Huffington Post must have had a lot of extra space to fill — they've posted a preview of "The Banana Republican Catalog" from our new issue!

Seriously: has Joe ever looked happier?

Take a look at this awesome illustration by Ward Sutton! It's for a piece titled "Lines Sure to Get Applause at GOP Debates" from our upcoming issue.

A new book by Mimi Alford, a onetime intern of President Kennedy, alleges that JFK carried on a yearlong affair with her—and even offered the then-19-year-old to other White House staffers for sexual favors.

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie announced today that he will not run for President in 2012. The Governor said a prior commitment to appear as a contestant on NBC’s The Biggest Loser prevented him for running at this time.


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