After peeing on Taliban corpses, accidentally burning the Koran and a tragic shooting spree by a deranged soldier, it’s not exactly shocking

It was 40 years ago today that the movie The Godfather debuted, ushering in an era of stand-up comics stuffing cotton in their mouths to do bad Marlon Brando impressions and providing hack screenwriters an endless supply of classic

The Artist won a stunning five Oscars on Sunday, including Best Picture, Best Actor, and Best Director — but the French film still lags behind insipid garbage like This Means War, Journey 2: The Mysterious Island,

The Oscars are this Sunday night — and by now all the nominees have already scored their free tuxedos, gowns and jewelry from designers desperate to have their names mentioned on the red carpet.

The odds-on favorite to win Best Picture at this Sunday’s Academy Awards is The Artist —the silent, black-and-white French film that has been seen by as many as seven dozen American moviegoers.

MTV Geek has a preview of "MAD's Dreadfully Undercooked The Hunger Games Outtakes" from our upcoming issue, #514.


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