The current issue of Film Comment magazine features an extensive look at the history of MAD's movie parodies. As part of their research, they interviewed MAD Editor John Ficarra about the process of building each spoof and how the feature has evolved over the years.

The original 1966 Batmobile used in the Adam West television series sold at auction recently for a whopping $4.6 mi

Each week for the rest of the year, we'll be posting excerpts from the essays Frank Jacobs wrote for our 60th Anniversary book, 

We are proud to announce the third installment of our popular book series, MAD’s Greatest Artists — this one celebrating the legendary Mort Drucker, universally acclaimed as one of the gr

Here's the splash from "The Yellow Mile", our parody of The Green Mile starring Michael Clarke Duncan. Click to make it bigger.

Dallas is back!

That's Kathryn Joosten on the far right, as featured in "The Worst Wing", our parody of The West Wing, from MAD #402, February 2001.


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