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Yes, that's right, the Spy vs Spy game is #1 in the iTunes App Store for the iPhone!

The fine folks at Robots and Pencils are developing a new Spy vs.

On May 10, The Daily Show host and all around mensch Jon Stewart ended the show with a plug for Planet Tad (by MAD writer and head-writer of The Daily Show

The Planet Tad book is officially on sale!!! New from Harper Collins, the book expands on the trials and tribulations of our hero, Tad, as he tries, desperately, to survive seventh grade.

In the video below, writer Tim Carvell talks about his new Planet Tad book, based on the blog parody featured in every issue of MAD.

This shouldn’t come as any kind of surprise, but it’s a fact that anyone who works at MAD doesn’t have much of a life. Which means that even on a day off, we still manage to think about MAD! But sometimes that’s a good thing.


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