We'll give you a hint: there is at least ONE eyebrow on this cover. We know, we know — telling you that is basically handing you the answer! Let's hear your best guess in the comments!
Yesterday, The Huffington Post exclusively revealed both the cover and top five items in this year’s “MAD 20”, (a move that instantl
Just in time for the season premiere of The Walking Dead, or for anyone who enjoys a nice mouthful of human flesh, comes the cover for MAD #512. Bon appétit!
In our ongoing effort to clean out the MAD stockroom, look what we found — the original Antonio Prohias sketch for the cover of MAD #109, March 1967!
We’re still cleaning up our stockroom! Today we found pins — lots of pins that we thought you might like to see. This first photo has some of the rarest.

The cover of MAD # 411, which went on sale shortly after the 9-11 attack, was not the cover originally planned for that issue. In fact, another cover was already printed and awaiting to be bound with the magazine’s interior pages when the attack occurred. The working title of the planned cover was “The New York City Marathon” and it was written and illustrated by longtime MAD contributor John Caldwell. Here it is:

Debuting the cover of our newest issue, MAD #511. Buy it anywhere apps are not sold!
Introducing…the cover of our latest issue, MAD #510. It’s available at newsstands, bookstores, supermarkets, comic book shops and selected funeral homes.


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