Earlier today, our friends at Newsarama debuted the cover for MAD #515 ("The 50 Worst Things About America"), as well as an article from the same issue called "A Bucket List for Underachievers".

On Sunday, former VP Dick Cheney underwent heart transplant surgery. The good news is that the surgery is successful.

It was 40 years ago today that the movie The Godfather debuted, ushering in an era of stand-up comics stuffing cotton in their mouths to do bad Marlon Brando impressions and providing hack screenwriters an endless supply of classic

MAD aficionado Doug Gilford (co-winner of our recent "Guess the Cover" competition) alerte
For over a month now, we’ve been giving clues about what’s on the cover of the next issue — and you’ve been guessing right along!
ATTENTION IDIOTICAL READERS! This is (probably) your last chance to figure out what will be on the cover of our next issue!


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