It was recently brought to our attention that the February 4, 2013 issue of The New Yorker bears more than a passing resemblance to MAD #293 from March 1990.

Grab your friends and show them our upcoming cover featuring the hit TV show Adventure Time, as exclusively revealed on 

MAD has a long history of running a wide variety of material on our back cover: fake ads, magazine

Yesterday, debuted the cover for our upco

Take a look at our fang-tastic new cover!

The absence of one particular tooth is a crucial element on most MAD covers. But as you can see below, our next issue's cover art seems to have more than the usual amount of chompers!

MAD #517 is now available everywhere magazines are sold! This devlish issue adds fuel to the 2012 election fire as Barack Obama and Mitt Romney's presidential campaigns begin to heat up!


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