The Wall Street Journal, one of the most respected newspapers in the world (at least prior to printing this article), published a

If you’re a fan of MAD on Cartoon Network, as well as our previous collections Insanely Awesome MAD

Just in time for the big Obama-Romney smackdown, here comes MAD About Obama: Yes We Can’t! What’s that, you ask? It’s the first ever exclusive eBook for the MAD iPad app!

We are proud to announce the third installment of our popular book series, MAD’s Greatest Artists — this one celebrating the legendary Mort Drucker, universally acclaimed as one of the gr

Do you love dogs? And satire? But do you also HATE paper? Boy oh boy do we have some good news for you, Bucky!

On May 10, The Daily Show host and all around mensch Jon Stewart ended the show with a plug for Planet Tad (by MAD writer and head-writer of The Daily Show

The Planet Tad book is officially on sale!!! New from Harper Collins, the book expands on the trials and tribulations of our hero, Tad, as he tries, desperately, to survive seventh grade.


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