Spy vs. Spy on the ski slope?

Holy half-pound hot dogs! Take a look at this amazing splash from the Mike & Molly satire in our current issue, MAD #514.

We hope you enjoy this big, juicy two-page spread by Tom Bunk!

The Huffington Post must have had a lot of extra space to fill — they've posted a preview of "The Banana Republican Catalog" from our new issue!

Take a look at this awesome illustration by Ward Sutton! It's for a piece titled "Lines Sure to Get Applause at GOP Debates" from our upcoming issue.

For over a month now, we’ve been giving clues about what’s on the cover of the next issue — and you’ve been guessing right along!
We've got a "Tuesday Tease" for you: Rick Tulka's fantastic illustration for "Kristen Stewart Celebrity Cause-of-Death
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