Yesterday, spineless Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid refused to put up for a vote a bill that would ban assault weapons.

To quiet those who have questioned the president’s gun use, the White House released a photo over the weekend that showed Obama skeet shooting.

Two infamous names in the news, connected in ways that you might not realize.

Earlier today, Vice President Joe Biden delivered his report on gun violence to President Obama

Taking a cue from Westchester County’s Journal News, which recently published the names

On Tuesday, the National Rifle Association released its first statement regarding the horrific shooting in Newtown, CT.

At one of the darkest times in our country’s history, Pearl Harbor and World War II, Norman Rockwell, inspired by a speech by President Franklin D. Roosevelt, painted his “Four Freedoms” series.

In last night’s Presidential debate, Mitt Romney vowed to kill Federal funding for Big Bird if elected President.

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