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In December 2010, BP earned the top spot in MAD’s “20 Dumbest People, Events and Things” with their horrific oil rig explosion and the disastrous oil spill that followed in the Gulf of Mexico.

As a public service, we take this opportunity to remind you to take all reasonable precautions to protect yourself from harmful germs and bacteria in public places. Now go soap up, you filthy dirt-merchant!

Today, an Appeals Court in New York became the second in the country to overturn the Defense of Marriage Act (which defines marriage a

In remembrance, we present the splash for our parody of Webster from MAD #251. Click the art to make it bigger.

Last week disgraced philandering ex-governor Arnold Schwarzenegger showed up on 60 Minutes, shameless shilling

Sadly, this Fold-In rings as true today as it did when Al Jaffee first wrote it in way back in 1965. The more things change, the more they stay the same.

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Bad news! The NHL has announced a league-wide lock-out! This news affects hockey fans the most — so, on the upside, at least the number of victims is limited.


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