James Hetfield!   Kirk Hammett!
"Celebrity Snaps" meets the MAD Office Move Cleanup! We found these photos of Frank Sinatra, Jr. tucked away at the bottom of a desk. No one can remember seeing them before — we're not even sure if either of them ran in the magazine!
Can you spot the difference in these two photos of our friend "Weird Al" Yankovic? 1993:
A young NPH is not amused by our Doogie Howser, M.D. parody.
Only time will tell if The X-Factor is worthy of receiving "The Ecch-Factor" treatment in our pages.
Winning? More like wincing.
Circa 1971 Circa 1989 (No longer wearing those shorts, thankfully)
Yes, he most definitely was featured in that issue.
We swear this image has not been altered in any way. NOOOOOOOOOO, it most certainly has not.


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