Disgraced and embarrassed ex-Congressman Anthony Weiner is hinting he’ll run for Mayor of New York City! Let the ridicule begin!

Last night’s Presidential debate was done in a “Town Hall” format, with pre-submitted questions from audience members.

Mitt Romney has come under a lot of fire for being out of touch and awkward. The bad news is, it’s completely true.

Both the Republican and Democratic Conventions are now officially over. But there’s no time for tears — there’s fact checking to be done!

Oh what a night! Not only is Barack Obama accepting the nomination at the Democratic Nation Convention, but the MTV Video Music Awards is also on!

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie will be giving the keynote speech at the Republican National Convention today — provided Hurricane Isaac doesn’t destroy the state first.

Over the weekend Mitt Romney announced that his vice presidential running mate would be Paul Ryan, a U.S. Representative from Wisconsin’s 1st District.

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