There’s no issue large or small that Barack Obama isn’t willing to capitulate on. The most recent example; his little game of chicken with House Speaker John Boehner.

Republican Presidential candidate, former Godfather Pizza guy, and all-around blowhard Herman Cain recently called for the impeachment of President Obama. He made the announcement while unveiling his new campaign poster.
With Republicans and Democrats foaming at the mouth and blaming each other for the impasse over the Debt Ceiling, it reminded us again of how screwed up our government is — and has been for a very long time. From MAD #142
This weekend begins the long-awaited final battle between two bitter adversaries.
Artist Evan Dorkin and colorist Sarah Dyer collaborated on this amazing Spy vs. Spy poster! From our 2010 Spy vs. Spy Special.
Barack and Michelle Obama • Give weekly radio address calling for stronger regulations on Wall Street fat cats.


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