Here's a frothy delight to start your holiday weekend: former lovebirds Katy Perry

They say Mitt Romney is a boring guy, but not when Canada's favorite son Sam Sisco draws him. (Oops!

John Caldwell is no clown. But John Caldwell knows clowns! (See what we did there?) Anyhow, here are a few pieces of art from the longtime MAD cartoonist's latest, "The Startling Similarities Bewteen Harvard University and Clown College".

No one, and we mean no one, draws agitated dairy-derived food products like Evan Dorkin. And no one colors those delectable curmudgeons like Sarah Dyer!

Here's a taste of the art for MAD #514's "Product Acronyms You Never Knew Existed: Tech Edition" by the legendary

Spy vs. Spy on the ski slope?

Holy half-pound hot dogs! Take a look at this amazing splash from the Mike & Molly satire in our current issue, MAD #514.

We hope you enjoy this big, juicy two-page spread by Tom Bunk!

Take a look at this awesome illustration by Ward Sutton! It's for a piece titled "Lines Sure to Get Applause at GOP Debates" from our upcoming issue.


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