MAD's "Duck Dynasty" Cover

MAD's "Duck Dynasty" Cover

By The Editors Friday, October 4th, 2013


Take a gander at our daffy new cover starring the guys from Duck Dynasty! This fowl issue features our parody of Man of Steel, articles about Obamacare and fast food secret menus, and a 2014 Dave Berg calendar! Plus Spy vs. Spy, the MAD Strip Club, Planet Tad, The Fundalini Pages, the Fold-In, Sergio Aragonés’ MAD Look at Ethnic Foods and so much more! It's on sale everywhere October 22!

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The folks at Duck Dynasty and A&E were kind enough to debut the cover yesterday on their Facebook page, where it received over 100k likes, 18k shares and 1300 comments! Join the fun by clicking here

Artist: Mark Fredrickson