Unexpected Outcomes of New York State's New Marriage Equality Law

MAD Gay Marriage • The Central Park Zoo’s famous gay penguins are finally able to tie the knot. • Jeter and A-Rod can finally stop all of the “Sam and Diane” nonsense and just go for it. • The Men’s Wearhouse has doubled its inventory of tuxedos available in women’s sizes. • There was absolutely no noticeable uptick at all in Netflix streams of I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry.

Here’s How Pixar Could Have Made Cars 2 Even Worse

Cars 2 opened this weekend and got completely rear-ended by critics. But even though it’s the worst-reviewed Pixar movie of all time, it still could’ve been even suckier. How? By including any of these clunkers, as first showcased in MAD #467 (July 2006)… Pixar Cars 2 Tom Richmond

President Obama's Weekend Plans

Barack and Michelle Obama • Give weekly radio address calling for stronger regulations on Wall Street fat cats. • Count $2.5 million in campaign contribution donations raised in one day from Wall Street fat cats. • Bag up all of Bo’s droppings from the White House lawn, go over to Eric Cantor’s porch, set the bag on fire, ring the doorbell and run! • Catch up on TiVo-ed episodes of Glee. Continue to “evolve” on the gay marriage question.