Spy Vs. Spy Custom Toy Project: Claw Money

Knock, knock! Who’s there? Spy vs. Spy’s 50th anniversary! Spy vs. Spy’s 50th anniversary who? Spy vs. Spy’s 50th anniversary, celebrated with awesome custom action figures! Sorry — that was terrible. But what ISN’T terrible is this ridiculously and outrageously great design from Claw Money! Let its awesomeness take away the pain of that knock knock joke. Shhhh…it’s okay.

Spy Vs. Spy Custom Toy Project: McBess

It’s been fifty years of Spy Vs. Spy! That’s an incredible run! Do you have ANY idea how many black and white fedoras have been destroyed in that period of time? Happily, the Spy is looking pretty damn sharp today — thanks to this fantastic design from McBess! Be sure to come back tomorrow to see another awesome custom Spy!