The Startling Similarities and Disturbing Differences between Kate Plus 8 and Borders Bookstore Both Ending Their Runs This Week

Borders Bookstore closes its doors for good this week, the same week Kate Gosselin’s show Kate Plus 8 ends its infamous run on TLC. Two disparate stories with nothing in common? Think again.

    • John Gosselin hasn’t been in either in years • Borders problems started when they expanded too much too quickly. Ditto Kate’s uterus

The MAD 9-11 Cover — The Untold Story

The cover of MAD # 411, which went on sale shortly after the 9-11 attack, was not the cover originally planned for that issue. In fact, another cover was already printed and awaiting to be bound with the magazine’s interior pages when the attack occurred. The working title of the planned cover was “The New York City Marathon” and it was written and illustrated by longtime MAD contributor John Caldwell. Here it is: