Remember These? 'MAD Trick-or-Treat Reading' Packs

Longtime MAD readers will remember this ill-conceived product from 1987. Warner Books packaged five copies of Howling MAD and five copies of Monster MAD — each 16 pages — with the hope that people would distribute them to trick-or-treaters instead of candy. (Evidently Warner Books thought it was okay to rot kids minds, but not their teeth!) We have no idea if the Halloween giveaway was successful or not, but since we didn’t do it again the following year, we suspect Warner Books lost a bundle on the deal.

Make Your Own Alfred-E-Lantern!

Jack-O-Lanterns have long been a Halloween tradition. So has having them smashed by a bunch of snot-nosed little punks! This year, create an even bigger mess and scare away all those pesky brats looking for free handouts with our Alfred-E-Lantern stencil! Instructions:

Moving Sucks!

If you were in our offices this past week, you might have thought they were filming an episode of “Hoarders”! MAD stuff everywhere! We filled 15 dumpsters, sent another 185 boxes to offsite storage and we still have more MAD stuff than we know what to do with. But don’t panic. We expect to be moved, unpacked and ready for funny business by Monday, October 24, 2101. (This is not a typo.)