Read MAD Books on the Kindle Fire!

Just got a new Kindle Fire and looking for something to download? Forget that biography about Lincoln (SPOILER ALERT: He dies!) And you don't need that one about the kid who meets Jesus while having his appendix out. (Yeah, okay. Years ago, we met St. Patrick while having our tonsils out but never wrote a book about it. We just thought it was a bad reaction to the ether.) No, what you want to download is the first of what promises to be many MAD books available in digital format:

Lindsay in Playboy!

Like most red-blooded America men, we rushed online when we heard that Lindsay’s Playboy photos had been leaked! But let’s just say that a part of us was more than a little disappointed when we learned that “Lindsay” was actually South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham. Ewww! Sad…Hef must really be losing it.