Updated Candy Hearts

It’s that time of year again — Valentine’s Day! And what better way to express one’s love than with cheap, chalky candy hearts? In fact, the only thing worse than the taste is the bland messages printed on them — which is why we’re proud to present this classic MAD piece offering our alternatives!

Other Presidential Sex Scandals Just Now Coming to Light

A new book by Mimi Alford, a onetime intern of President Kennedy, alleges that JFK carried on a yearlong affair with her—and even offered the then-19-year-old to other White House staffers for sexual favors. While shocking, this kind of behavior is hardly unique. In fact, historians have recently discovered a slew of other presidential indiscretions.

Spy Vs. Spy Custom Toy Project: Bill Morrison

We’ve got good news and bad news. The good news is that it’s Friday — which means it’s time to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Spy vs. Spy with another custom Spy toy! The bad news is that this is the last one we have (at least for now)! But let’s not dwell on the bad news, ok? Instead, let’s bask in the awesomeness of this splatter-tastic creation from Bill Morrison of Bongo Comics! Ahhh...doesn’t that feel good? Nothing better than a good bask...

Dr. Seuss for the Digital Age

2012 marks the 75th Anniversary of Dr. Seuss' first book, And to Think That I Saw It on Mulberry Street, which has led many to wonder what the Seuss library would look like if he wrote his books in the present day. Once again, MAD stands years ahead of the pack — in 2008, we updated some of Seuss' most popular titles to make them relevant to the message-board-trolling miscreants of the YouTube Generation.

Archie Marries Jughead, Prop 8 Be Damned

Yesterday, when a California appeals court struck down Proposition 8 — the state’s voter-approved ban on same sex marriage — anti-gay forces went ballistic, vowing to continue their fight to support “traditional marriage” Why can’t these knuckle-dragging troglodytes see the future that’s inevitably coming? After all, we did — way back in 2010, with an issue of Archie that foresaw the way things will eventually be — in California and beyond.