What Are The Odds Michele Bachmann Will Confuse These Other Public Figures?

What Are The Odds Michele Bachmann Will Confuse These Other...

By DCE Editorial Tuesday, June 28th, 2011
Confused Michele Bachmann Tea Party Presidential candidate Michele Bachmann has once again proved she’s “factually challenged,” this time by confusing the beloved American cowboy actor, John Wayne, with the not-so-beloved psychotic serial killer, John Wayne Gacy. Which public figures is Bachmann most likely to mix-up next? Here are the latest Vegas odds:

Michele Bachmann Ron Paul RuPaulRon Paul and RuPaul Odds 1:1

Michele Bachmann Booker T. Washington Booker T MG'sBooker T. Washington and Booker T. and the MG's Odds 1:1

Michele Bachmann Joyce Carol Oates Hall & OatesJoyce Carol Oates and Hall & Oates Odds 1:1

Michele Bachmann Millard Fillmore Mallard T. FillmoreMillard Fillmore and Mallard T. Fillmore Odds 1:1

Michele Bachmann Stephanopoulos SnuffleupagusStephanopoulos and Snuffleupagus Odds 1:1

Michele Bachmann Jerry Garcia Cherry GarciaJerry Garcia and Cherry Garcia Odds 1:1