Spy Vs. Spy, The Sunday Strips #34

Spy Vs. Spy, The Sunday Strips #34

By The Editors Wednesday, November 12th, 2014


Back in 2002, Spy vs. Spy made the tremendous leap from magazine page to…newspaper page. (Well, maybe “tremendous” is too strong a word.) Regardless, it was pretty neat! Written by Don “Duck” Edwing, and illustrated by Dave Manak, the strip had a run of 39 installments in Sunday comics pages across the country! And it is our tremendous honor (again, too strong a word) to share one of these adventures every Wednesday, right here on The Idiotical.

Classic MAD, Spy, Prohias, Edwing, Manak, Kuper, Joke and Dagger, Gray Spy, Sunday Comic, Strip, Newspaper

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