The Garish Institute for Impulsive Plastic Surgery

The Garish Institute for Impulsive Plastic Surgery

By The Editors Tuesday, September 23rd, 2014


A massage therapist in Florida named Jasmine Tridevil recently had plastic surgery to add a third breast. She claimed she did it to make herself UNATTRACTIVE to men because she doesn’t want to date any more. But the real reason is she desperately wants her own reality show on MTV. While all this might sound crazy, it’s not as crazy as the fact MAD predicted something like this would happen back in 2001! So take our hand and stroll back with us to issue #408 and peruse this classic MAD ad.

Classic MAD, Jasmine Tridevil, MAD #408, John Prete, Joe Raiola, Irving Schild, Third Breast, MAD Ad Parody, Plastic Surgery

From MAD #408, August 2001
Writers: John Prete & Joe Raiola 
Photographer: Irving Schild

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